2017 Ford F250 XLT Specs Concept Review

2017 Ford F250 XLT Specs Concept Review –┬áLike Tollhouse’s chocolate chip cookies and Converse’s High-Top tennis shoes, some points are tough to improve upon. Yet Ford takes a various view with its F-series Super Responsibility vehicles. The F-series has been the best-selling vehicle in America for 39 years running as well as hasn’t seen much alteration for the past 18 of those years. Still, the times, they are a-changing. The 2017 Super Task Ford Super Duty trucks come in above the F-150s. Ford flew me to Colorado to sample the 2017 Ford F250 XLT, Ford F-350 and Ford F-450 versions. These are the work vehicles, the ones you purchase to tow your equine trailer and also carry your tons of blocks. The 2017 versions are qualified as well as packed with enough tech to satisfy hard-working Joes and Janes.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Review

First off, allow’s talk towing. The Ford F-450 could tow 32,500 extra pounds on a gooseneck trailer, the kind that moves over a round hitch located in the bed of the truck. That’s 21 and a fifty percent fantastic white sharks worth of towing. Obtained a fifth wheel? The brand-new 2017 Ford F250 XLT Super Duty can tow 27,500 pounds. For those people that have actually never ever desired such intricate hitches, the Super Responsibility could take on 21,000 extra pounds in a traditional towing circumstance. Optimum haul is 7,630 extra pounds, that’s 254 30-pound cinder blocks, up virtually 600 extra pounds from 2016.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Pictures
2017 Ford F250 XLT Pictures

2017 Ford F250 XLT Specs

To encourage all that mass, all 2017 Ford F250 XLT Super Responsibility vehicles are available with a 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel V8 putting out 440 horsepower as well as a massive 925 pound-feet of torque, a rise of 65 torques from the outward bound design. A gas-fueled engine is likewise readily available in the form of 6.2-liter V8, netting 385 horsepower as well as 430 pound-feet of torque. Again, torque is up from the outgoing design’s 405 pound-feet. Both engines utilize a six-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Changes

When driving the Super Duty dealt with the heavy lots quickly, making fast job of a 6 percent grade simply outside Broomfield, Colorado. Any nervousness I may have had when hauling a 28-foot enclosed trailer (loaded with an Ford F-150 for weight) was alleviated by a blind spot surveillance system that can see the entire size of the trailer. Each 2017 Ford F250 XLT Super Task has an extra electronic camera to place on the back of your trailer so you can conveniently see exactly what’s taking place behind you.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Exteriors

Unlike the trailer backup assist in the Ford F-150, which completely takes control of the steering, the technology in the Super Responsibility simply uses support. I have actually done my fair share of towing and I could back one up if I consider it hard sufficient, yet this system makes it a snap.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Interiors

2017 Ford F250 XLT While supporting a 24-foot enclosed trailer, the system showed me a graphic of the truck and trailer overlaid on the back camera display screen, with steering inputs shown by guidelines. It was tough to allow go of my impulse to enjoy my mirrors, once I came to be comfy watching the 8-inch facility display, I had the ability to confidently steer the trailer right into a garage in half the time it would have generally taken me. The advice system also improved my straight-line back-up abilities. For this exercise, the system overlaid a guiding wheel graphic on the video camera display screen. When the encased trailer drifted right, an arrow indicating the right appeared and also the guiding wheel visuals turned to the accurate input to help me correct.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Redesigns

Not simply the technology is new. The 2017 Ford F250 XLT Super Obligation weighs in 350 extra pounds lighter than the 2016 model, thanks mostly to a high-strength aluminum alloy cab as well as box. Stressed about shedding a steel body? Remember that aluminum has a better toughness to weight ratio as well as it won’t rust like steel does. The structure is still made from 95 percent high toughness steel with as much as 10 cross participants welded at both the inside and also beyond the frame, aiding making it 24 times stiffer than the old Super Task.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Safety

The cabin itself was very quiet and also filled with functions such as the 10, of course 10, cupholders (4 of which have a design license). 2017 Ford F250 XLT sets the Super Task out better with available rubbing heated and cooled down front seats, a dual glove box, storage cubbies galore as well as offered Sync 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2017 Ford F250 XLT Price And Release Date

As well as of course, we got the required mud pit. Even more like filthy standing water compared to mud, I was motivated to hammer via it at wide open throttle. I was, of course, kind enough to comply with. The Ford F-Series Super Task starts at $32,535 for the 2017 Ford F250 XLT while the F-450 Platinum starts at (gulp) $77,125. That’s enough of a rate spread for many folks to discover their excellent work truck, keeping Ford punching the time-clock as one of the most difficult, most qualified trucks on the market.

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